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Eric Thomas quotes

Eric D. Thomas is the most impairing personality and world no. one motivational speaker, he is also a very good writer and American minister He was born on September 3, 1970, in the Chicago United States and now he is 48 years old. He grows in very critical situations in childhood he was homeless so he lived in street almost for two years and he is also drop out from high school but later he works hard the become the world number one motivational speaker.

Here are the best motivational quits by Eric Thomas. 

Image result for “No alarm clock needed My passion wakes”

“No alarm clock needed

 My passion wakes”



Everybody as a dream, but Not everybody has a grind

“Everybody as a dream, but

Not everybody has a grind”



Eric Thomas Quotes

“Are you Ready to sacrifice who you are?

For what you will become”



Eric Thomas Quotes

 “Push yourself because, No one

 Else is going to do

It for you”



“Forget about your past! Make the

Rest of your life the

Of your life”




“When you want to succeed as bad as

You want to breathe?

Then you will be





 Stop being Average, You re not even good You were born to be a great

“Stop being Average,

You’re not even good

You were born to be a great”




Eric Thomas

“Power over others is weakness

 Disguised as strength”




Eric Thomas best Quotes of all time

“The best ways to

 Predict the future

Is to create it”




“At the end of

Pain is success”



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